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Intervention by Denise Caruso Read Intervention by Denise Caruso, Executive Director of the Hybrid Vigor Silver Award Winner, 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards; Best Business Books 2007, Strategy+Business Magazine


by Denise Caruso ~ October 24, 2007.
Permalink | Filed under: Hybrid Vigor, Collaboration and Sensemaking, 21st Century Risk, Policy and Decisions, 'Intervention'.

The WELL, one of the oldest online communities still in existence, is hosting me as guest author for a two-week conversation in its ‘Inkwell’ book discussion topic about Intervention — and whatever topics come up as a result of talking about technology, innovation and risk. It’s been underway for several days now, and will continue until October 31st.

So far much of the conversation has been focused on deliberative processes for assessing risk, and we are just starting to wade into deeper waters with talk of the precautionary principle and whether or not Hillary could manage to re-start the Office of Technology Assessment without wrecking it with politics.

You don’t have to be a WELL member to read the conversation, but if you aren’t a member and want to start prodding me with some questions, just send an email to <[email protected]> to have them added to the thread.

The host of the conversation is the redoubtable Jon Lebkowsky, a Texan who I’ve known for many years from the technology world who now writes a regular column for Worldchanging.com.

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