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archive for November, 2007


by ~ November 4, 2007

My Re:framing column in this Sunday’s New York Times explored a new teacher credentialing program that’s just been accredited and is underway in a network of charter schools in Northern California, called the Reach Institute.

Public K-12 education not being my “beat,” so to speak, I was fascinated to discover just how much impact a good basic education has not just on individual earning power, but on entire regional economies — and how much the looming teacher shortage stands to impact these economies.

I was also really pleased to see that Reach is addressing what I consider to be one of the most critical issues that keeps schools from improving: training new leadership that understands what teachers need to do their jobs well.

I got lots of good basic research references about the issues involved herein, and if anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll post them. Your comments always welcomed in any case.

Speaking of — due to lots of really heinous spam that my Akamai filter isn’t catching, I’ll be manually approving comments from now on. Sorry about that, but it’s for everyone’s comfort.