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by Mike Neuenschwander ~ February 24, 2008.
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I got a comment on a blog post last week that was simple and to the point: “Interesting post. Thanks.” Reading between the lines of code accompanying the post I found this gem:

{sentby:program running on server}

Very cool! It seems I’ve become popular with the blog-spambot audience. It reminded me of Jemaine Clement’s introduction to “The Humans Are Dead”:

Thank you. That’s overwhelming…. This next song we’re going to do isn’t really intended for humans; it’s probably more for robots, in the future when the robots have killed all the humans. That’s the sort of market we’re trying to get into.

What some vendors won’t do for marketing attention. This bot’s purpose is to post meaningless comments on blogs in order to drop the vendor’s URL on the site. The irony in this case was that the spambot’s owner was a “trust vendor.”

Glad to know the foxes are trust-guarding the hen house. I only hope the subtle allusion to the vendor’s name won’t shake up my spambot fanbase!

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