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by Mike Neuenschwander ~ June 18, 2008.
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If you’ve got some discretionary travel budget (that is, if you’re paid in Euros or Canadian Dollars), you might want to get over to San Diego next week for Burton Group’s Catalyst conference. Among the compelling topics covered at the conference, ’social trust online” (my term) will be taking center stage—and during prime time for the conference. I’m particularly interested to hear Bob Blakley’s presentation on “A Relationship Layer for the Web.” Here’s the abstract:

In real life, we are introduced, we form relationships, we disclose information in the context of those relationships, and we act.

In the Web 2.0 world, we are introduced, we disclose information, and we act.

The relationships, and the expectations they create and embody, are what keep us safe. The absence of relationships makes us unsafe.

We need a relationship layer for the web. Without it, the Web 2.0 Identity layer will remain a vestigial organ. This talk will describe what relationships look like in real life, how they might be modeled in the online environment, and how they would add value to environments which already have identity built in.

And by the way, for those of you familiar with Bob’s Flickr stream, he’s in fact a keen observer of “real life.” So this should be all the more engaging.

Bob’s presentation is followed by Gail Reynolds of Aetna. I love the title of this presentation: “Who Are You, How Do I Know, And Why Do I Care?” Here’s an abstract of the abstract:

What happens if “your” online presence is your estranged spouse, who wants to introduce your liver-function test as evidence of alcoholism at an upcoming child custody hearing? Or what happens if your daughter’s online presence is really you impersonating her to find out what she’s being treated for? Must each company be an identity provider for its constituents? Will consumer-owned identity trends grow? …. The face-to-face storefront paradigm evaporates with millions of widespread constituents, and one erroneous decision could permanently tarnish a corporate reputation.

Eve Maler will then talk about the Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) project, which is something Doc Searls and his crew at the Berkman Center have been working on for quite a while.

On a side note, I won’t be speaking at the conference — for the first time in 8 years! But I will be doing a lot of talking. Catalyst is great for networking. So if you’re in San Diego next week, look me up!

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