The organizing principle of Hybrid Vigor is the shared topic or problem. An ideal Hybrid Vigor topic is currently studied by several disciplines and has the greatest potential for shifts in traditional thinking, and/or future technological developments or breakthroughs by integrating disciplinary knowledge.

With this organizing principle in mind, the Institute has developed a systematic method for cultivating disciplinary diversity, which employs several complementary approaches.

• Hybrid Vigor Journal. The Institute will regularly publish monographs online, at — each issue organized around a single topic, within a specific program area — to bring researchers from different disciplines in contact with each other's work. Although its content will be targeted at researchers, the journal will be written for a general audience by world-class science writers and subject experts, free and available to anyone with an Internet connection.

• Working conferences. The Institute will host an ongoing series of invitation-only, working conferences or symposia, also organized around specific topics within each program area, for select groups of established researchers — and, notably, their graduate students and proteges — from a range of disciplines.

• Collaboration, knowledge tools. Hybrid Vigor will deploy sophisticated software technologies as a means for researchers to collaborate with others across their disciplinary and/or geographic boundaries. The goal is to automate serendipity and speed problem solving by providing a means by which researchers can share both ideas and the information that is likely to be most useful to them, as well as providing them with tools for further individual exploration. These tools, as they are deployed, will be freely available at