The founder and executive director of the Hybrid Vigor Institute is Denise Caruso, a technology analyst and journalist for nearly 20 years, who most recently was the technology columnist for The New York Times.

Previous to The Times, she founded, edited and published three newsletters, and produced two conferences, for the then-converging industries of computers, telecommunications and media/information -- which in 1989, understood nothing of each other. Their language, business models, ethics, corporate cultures and even educational backgrounds were different.

Caruso's mission was to bring them to common ground, and her newsletters are widely acknowledged by industry pioneers as instrumental in elevating the conversation so these disparate communities could, and eventually did, participate in co-creating what eventually became the Internet economy.

To build the common ground for Hybrid Vigor, Caruso has already begun gathering a team of science writers from around the world whose wide-ranging backgrounds in science and research will help Hybrid Vigor cast the widest possible net.

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