Based in San Francisco, California, the Hybrid Vigor Institute is a tax-exempt, 501C3 nonprofit charitable institution. The Institute solicits donations from individuals, philanthropic foundations and agencies to fund its ongoing activities. A list of our funders to date is located at the bottom of the People page.


The Hybrid Vigor Institute's website collects no information that can be traced to an individual.

Individuals who contact hybridvigor.org via e-mail or sign up for email notifications or newsgroups can rest assured that their personal information will never be sold, bartered or used for any other purpose than what is originally stated.

If we want to use your information for any other purpose, or if we intend to change this policy, we will contact you directly, in advance, to ask your permission.

We use Topica to administer our public mailing list. However, please note:
YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION to Topica, other than your email address, to join this list.

If you DO provide any other information to Topica, please note that we are not responsible for how Topica uses it. Be sure to read Topica's Trust-E certified privacy policy, the link to which is at the bottom of Topica's home page, for specifics.

If you have any other questions about the Institute, we can be reached by email or by telephone at +1 415 543-8113, in the Pacific Time Zone.