The Hybrid Vigor Institute provides forward-thinking individuals and philanthropic organizations the opportunity to invest in a unique approach to the creation of knowledge, one that both encompasses and moves beyond the strictures of today's tightly bounded, disciplinary research.

This 21st-century approach uses the power of global networks and combines a focus on the processof interdisciplinary research with content — the actual production of knowledge using interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary methods.

The Institute raised an initial $250,000 for 2000 from a small group of visionary funders comprised of private foundations and individuals to test the feasibility of the initial concept and to develop its organizational structure and strategy. For a list of past and present funders, click here.

With this phase of its development successfully completed, Hybrid Vigor is now seeking funding for program support, research and organizational development.

Hybrid Vigor is based in San Francisco and incorporated in the State of California as a (501C3) public charitable institution, based on its charter to widely disseminate its research, findings, and discussions.

For more information on contributing to Hybrid Vigor, please e-mail the Institute's executive director, Denise Caruso or contact her by phone at +1 415 543-8113.