The Hybrid Vigor Institute is in the process of assembling a world-class network of leading scientists, researchers and visionaries from science and academia, as well as experts from private industry, who support the Hybrid Vigor concept. A partial (and growing) list includes:

* Nancy Adler, M.D., chair of the MacArthur Research Network on socioeconomic status and health; Vice-Chair, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco;
* Mark Anderson, president of Technology Alliance Partners and of Strategic News Service, the most accurate predictive newsletter covering the global computing and communications industries;
* Stewart Brand, founder of the Whole Earth Catalogs; member of the board, The Santa Fe Institute; president, The Long Now Foundation;
* Brian Greene, Ph.D., theoretical physicist; professor of mathematics, Columbia University; Pulitzer Prize nominee for his bestseller, 'The Elegant Universe';
* Michael Lerner, founder of Commonweal; author of the classic text on alternative cancer therapies, 'Choices in Healing';
* Bruce McEwen, Ph.D., professor; head of the Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology, Rockefeller University;
* Margaret Somerville, Ph.D., professor of law and medicine, McGill University; director of the McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law; co-editor, 'Trandisciplinarity: Creating Integrated Knowledge';
* Richard Zare, Ph.D., professor of natural science, Stanford University; chair emeritus (1996-98), National Science Board; co-founder, Stanford's Bio-X Program for Bioengineering, Biomedicine and Biosciences.


In addition, Hybrid Vigor has assembled of a team of top science writers to investigate and chronicle the most relevant research for selected Hybrid Vigor topics. They are the linchpin to the success of Hybrid Vigor, as they are skilled researchers in their own right, and already expert at employing the clear, sophisticated language that is understood across disciplinary boundaries.

To date, several world-class journalists and writers have agreed to participate in the project. They include:

* Judith Goldhaber, a 35-year veteran science writer, formerly of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory;
* Steven Johnson, author of the critically acclaimed Interface Culture and editor-in-chief of the Web-based magazine, Feed;
* Pamela McCorduck, an author, futurist, and specialist in artificial intelligence and the history of technology;
* Oliver Morton, a Founding Fellow of Hybrid Vigor and the former science editor of The Economist;
* Bruce Sterling, an internationally known journalist, science-fiction writer and futurist.


The Hybrid Vigor Institute wants to thank its visionary funders, past and present, whose generosity are helping turning a big idea into reality:

Lisa Gansky; The Mitchell Kapor Foundation; Richard Miller; the ROSH Foundation; and Ann Winblad. Thanks also to the Glaser Family Foundation and Sunny Bates.