28 February 2002 - Hybrid Vigor Institute Awarded NSF Grant To Study Research Networks And Methods

The Hybrid Vigor Institute has been awarded $253,490 by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to conduct a one-year pilot study of interdisciplinary research methods. The study will investigate the social networks and anthropological conditions for interdisciplinary research at eight environmental research centers in the United States.

Principal investigators are Diana Rhoten, Ph.D., managing director of the Hybrid Vigor Institute; and Denise Caruso, executive director of the Hybrid Vigor Institute.

Faculty advisors for the project are:

• John Seely Brown, Ph.D., former director of Xerox PARC, and co-founder of the Institute for Research on Learning;
• Lisa Faithorn, Ph.D., manager of collaborative research, NASA Astrobiology Institute;
• Claire Fraser, Ph.D., president of The Institute for Genomic Research;
• Walter Powell, Ph.D., professor of education and affiliated professor of sociology and organizational behavior, Stanford University, and external professor, Santa Fe Institute;
• Denis Prager, Ph.D., president of Strategic Consulting Services and former director of health programs, the MacArthur Foundation;
• Steven Schneider, Ph.D., professor of biology and senior fellow of the Institute for International Studies, Stanford University;
• Margaret Somerville, Ph.D., professor of law and of medicine, McGill University, Montreal, founding director of the McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law, and co-editor of "Trandisciplinarity: reCreating Integrated Knowledge"; and
• Richard Zare, Ph.D., professor of chemistry, Stanford University, former chair National Science Board, co-founder of Stanford's Bio-X Program for Bioengineering, Biomedicine and Biosciences.

For information on the NSF study, contact Dr. Rhoten at +1 415 543-8113, or via email at [email protected].

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