* DENISE CARUSO, FOUNDER AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. Prior to founding the Hybrid Vigor Institute in February 2000, Caruso — a 17-year veteran analyst and commentator on the convergence of technology with communications and information — wrote a bi-weekly technology column, "Digital Commerce," for the Monday Information Industries section of The New York Times. In January 2000, she became an occasional contributor to the Times'Arts & Ideas section, writing primarily about scientific and academic research in progress.

In addition to consulting for the Pew Charitable Trusts and Consumers Union on standards and practices for improving credibility on the Internet, Caruso has also been a visiting scholar at Interval Research Corporation and a visiting lecturer at Stanford University in the Human-Computer Interaction program.

Her analyses have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Columbia Journalism Review, WIRED, I.D. Magazine, San Jose Mercury Newsand Utne Reader. She has also provided commentary for National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered."

* DIANA RHOTEN, PH.D., MANAGING DIRECTOR. Dr. Rhoten is an assistant professor of International Comparative Education and the director of the Master's program in International Comparative Education at Stanford University, where she teaches courses in development theory and applied research methodologies.

With the help of a Fulbright Research Fellowship, a Lieberman Dissertation Fellowship, two scholarships from the Stanford University Center for Latin American Studies, and the Consortium of Policy Research, Dr. Rhoten has conducted a series of interdisciplinary research projects on the social, economic and cultural processes of globalization in North and South America. She is the author and co-author of several articles, studies, and reviews related to the political cultural economy of policy analysis, program implementation, and organizational change.

Dr. Rhoten has consulted as a research methodologist, policy analyst and implementation specialist for a number of international and national organizations and think tanks, including the World Bank.


The Hybrid Vigor Institute has assembled a world-class network of leading scientists, researchers and visionaries from science and academia, as well as experts from private industry, who support the Hybrid Vigor concept and who serve on its board of directors and advisory committee.

* Mark Anderson. President, Technology Alliance Partners and Strategic News Service, the most accurate predictive newsletter covering the global computing and communications industries.
* Roger Brent, Ph.D. Director, CEO and Chairman, The Molecular Sciences Institute, founded with Nobel Laureate Sydney Brenner in 1998; adjunct professor at U.C. San Francisco.
* Katherine Fulton. Principal, Global Business Network, consulting with private and public sector organizations in education, health care, telecommunications, philanthropy; Nieman Fellow.
* Thomas Kalil. Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Science and Technology at U.C. Berkeley; former Deputy Assistant to President Clinton for Technology and Economic Policy, and the Deputy Director of the White House National Economic Council.
* Richard Miller. Co-founder, Breo Ventures LLC and Telematica, Inc. 'venture catalyst' firms; early participant in design, development of computer-based messaging, computer conferencing.


* Nancy Adler, M.D., chair, MacArthur Research Network on socioeconomic status and health; vice-chair, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco.
* Andrew Blau, veteran strategist to philanthropic community, developing programs at the intersection of information technology and society; former program director at both the Markle and Benton Foundations.
* Nicholas Barbaro, M.D., associate professor, neurological surgery, University of California, San Francisco; chief, Epilepsy Movement Disorders & Pain Program; chief, Central Nervous System Infections & AIDS Program.
* Stewart Brand, founder, Whole Earth Catalogs; member of the board, The Santa Fe Institute; president, The Long Now Foundation.
* Brian Greene, Ph.D., theoretical physicist; professor of mathematics, Columbia University; Pulitzer Prize nominee for his bestseller, The Elegant Universe.
* Michael Lerner, founder of Commonweal; author of the classic text on alternative cancer therapies, Choices in Healing.
* Bruce McEwen, Ph.D., professor; head of the Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology, Rockefeller University.
* Margaret Somerville, Ph.D., professor of law and medicine, McGill University; director of the McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law; co-editor, Trandisciplinarity: Creating Integrated Knowledge.
* Richard Zare, Ph.D., professor of natural science, Stanford University; chair emeritus (1996-98), National Science Board; co-founder, Stanford's Bio-X Program for Bioengineering, Biomedicine and Biosciences.


In addition, Hybrid Vigor has assembled a team of top science writers to investigate and chronicle the most relevant research for selected Hybrid Vigor topics. They are the linchpin to the success of Hybrid Vigor, as they are skilled researchers in their own right, and already expert at employing the clear, sophisticated language that is understood across disciplinary boundaries.

To date, several world-class journalists and writers have agreed to participate in the project. They include:

* Judith Goldhaber, a 35-year veteran science writer, formerly of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.
* Steven Johnson, the author of the critically acclaimed Interface Culture and editor-in-chief of the Web-based magazine, Feed.
* Pamela McCorduck, an author, futurist, and specialist in artificial intelligence and the history of technology.
* Oliver Morton, a Founding Fellow of Hybrid Vigor and the former science editor of The Economist.
* Bruce Sterling, an internationally known journalist, science-fiction writer and futurist.

We welcome inquiries from experienced science writers who are interested in helping to create interdisciplinary knowledge.


The Hybrid Vigor Institute wants to thank its visionary funders, past and present, whose generosity is helping turning a big idea into reality:

Lisa Gansky; John Gilmore; The Mitchell Kapor Foundation; Richard Miller; Ray Ozzie and Dawna Bousquet; the ROSH Foundation; and Ann Winblad.

Thanks also to the Glaser Family Foundation, Sunny Bates, Dan Kohn, and Bob and Robin Metcalfe.

Please contact Denise Caruso, Hybrid Vigor's executive director, for information on how you can contribute to this important work. More information is also available on the Donate page.