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The Hybrid Vigor Institute is dedicated to rigorous critical thinking and the establishment of better methods for understanding and solving society’s most difficult problems. Our particular emphasis is on cross-sector and collaborative approaches; we seek out experts and stakeholders from a range of fields for their perspectives or to work together toward common goals.
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hybridvigor.net houses the work of critical thinkers, researchers and practitioners who conduct cross-sector and cross-disciplinary explorations and collaborations.
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Intervention by Denise Caruso Read Intervention by Denise Caruso, Executive Director of the Hybrid Vigor Silver Award Winner, 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards; Best Business Books 2007, Strategy+Business Magazine


While Hybrid Vigor is generally eclectic about the kinds of problems it addresses, an ideal topic or problem for us is one that by nature involves several different groups of experts or stakeholders, and where there is great complexity or conflict about how to proceed.

If you have a suggestion for a topic, or would like to alert us to existing publications, resources, experts, or ideas for projects within the categories below, please contact us. We definitely want to hear from you. Click on each topic to find links to blog posts, publications and resources.

The topics in which the Institute is presently interested or engaged include:

Collaboration and Sensemaking, which develops and/or makes explicit what methods and conditions are most useful for collaborative projects, importantly including the concept of sensemaking — a motivated, continuous effort that is undertaken to understand the connections between people, places, and events in order to make decisions about complex or uncertain situations.

21st Century Risk, dedicated to the development and advocacy of more robust, collaborative methods for assessing technological innovations and other emerging risks.

Human Perception, investigating the wide range of research being done by many disciplines on virtually all the senses, as well as on alternative ways of knowing.

Planetary Life, which works at the edges of several disciplines and sectors to connect and interweave scientific research with the physical, psychological and social determinants of the health and welfare of the inhabitants of Planet Earth.

Social Trust Online, expanding upon existing understanding of social trust in the physical world in order to codify, develop and promote its transition to the world online.

Valuing Intangibles, focusing on new approaches to managing the set of resources known as intangibles: assets or liabilities that have no obvious physical presence, but represent real competitive advantage or vulnerability.

The hybridvigor.net blog also includes a category called Policy and Decisions, which we use when a particular post or issue has — or should have — special relevance to policy makers and others who are responsible for important decisions on our topics of interest.

If you have ideas for projects, or resources you think would be useful for us to know about, write us using the form below and we’ll get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you!