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The Hybrid Vigor Institute is dedicated to rigorous critical thinking and the establishment of better methods for understanding and solving society’s most difficult problems. Our particular emphasis is on cross-sector and collaborative approaches; we seek out experts and stakeholders from a range of fields for their perspectives or to work together toward common goals.
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hybridvigor.net houses the work of critical thinkers, researchers and practitioners who conduct cross-sector and cross-disciplinary explorations and collaborations.
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Intervention by Denise Caruso Read Intervention by Denise Caruso, Executive Director of the Hybrid Vigor Silver Award Winner, 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards; Best Business Books 2007, Strategy+Business Magazine


Over the past 30 years, exponential increases in scientific and technological innovations — ranging from biotechnology to nanotechnology and alternative energy sources — have fueled an ongoing debate about the distinctive risks that new products and processes engender in an increasingly interdependent world.

Decades of unanticipated consequences from “safe†new technologies or processes has highlighted the shortcomings of traditional risk calculations and prompted a growing acknowledgment by risk experts that greater emphasis must be placed on subjective factors, including values and judgment, in order to effectively assess and understand technological risk.

21st Century Risk is dedicated to developing and using the most effective and rigorous methods possible for assessing such risk. We are particularly involved in the development of new methods for assessing the emerging risks of highly uncertain technologies.



Risk as Continuum: A Redefinition of Risk for Governing the Post-Genome World,” Denise Caruso, February 2002.

Risk: The Art and the Science of Choice,” Denise Caruso, October 2002.

Intervention: Confronting the Real Risks of Genetic Engineering and Life on a Biotech Planet, Denise Caruso, December 2006.


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